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An eco-friendly charity...

The Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden Trust has seen many changes since it opened to the public in 1975, however our aim has remained the same; to run the charity in a way that is responsible to the environment so that future generations can enjoy the garden as we do. It affects the way we run all departments every day.

The Garden

100% organic. This means we do not put chemicals onto the land or into the water.

Leaf soil is the only fertiliser used which is made from rotted down leaves that fall onto the paths in the autumn.  We also sell the surplus Leaf soil in bags so anyone can be a more organic gardener - every effort helps the environment!

Our gardeners use traditional methods of gardening which use less machinery than modern gardening.  For example, we coppice our hazel and alder trees using ‘billhooks’ whereas the modern trend is for using a chainsaw.  The product that we harvest from the hazel and alder is used throughout the garden for fencing and tree props, with any surplus being sold in the plant sales.

Our Winter Garden is planted with lots of early flowering plants, many of which are native species, providing early emerging insects with a valuable food supply.

The Office

We reuse paper as scrap instead of notebooks and then recycle paper that cannot be used.

We use energy efficient light bulbs that are turned off at night.

All appliances are turned off at night and not left on standby.

We recycle all of our ink cartridges.

In General

We have installed solar panels to offset our energy use and generate nearly 20% of our annual requirements.

Our Toilets use rain water instead of drinking water and we save over 100,000 litres of fresh a year.

The Tea Room

The new tea room was built from wood taken from sustainable forests and was delivered on one lorry.

All suitable waste is recycled including all glass, cans and paper.

We compost as much waste as we can in our composter and wormery.

We grow lots of our own veggies, herbs and salad leaves.

All other food is locally sourced where possible. This includes apple juice, ham, bacon, cakes, bottled water and beer.

The new appliances in the tea room are A-rated which reduces our carbon footprint.

The detergents we use have no phosphates. This is much better for the environment as too much in the water has a damaging effect.

The Tearoom heating and hot water is supplied by a Ground Source Heat Pump.

The toilets are fitted with Dyson airblades - this has cut down our energy & paper towel use dramatically!